Oxib'B'atz' – Three Threads

A Maya women's handicraft association

Our Logo November 5, 2010

We have chosen three colors to represent the three threads

  • Green represents the past; it symbolizes the natural beauty and abundant resources of Guatemala before the European invasion.
  • Black stands for the darkness that has befallen the indigenous people of Guatemala for the last 500 years and that continues into the present. It also refers to the difficulties we have faced since arriving here, including racial discrimination, exploitation and sexual harassment.
  • Yellow stands for the future. Yellow are the rays of the sun that herald a new dawn and the beginning of a new era, one that will allow us to live and work in peace and with dignity.

Our logo design includes the Maya hieroglyph for Oxib’ B’atz’ and our name in all three languages. The background pattern of zig-zag stripes is a traditional weaving design from the town of Zacualpa.


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